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Unique-looking Misfit Wearables’ Shine costs S$169.90 in Singapore

10 Oct
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Yet another wearable gadget is hitting the shelves in Singapore, with the Misfit Shine activity monitor going on sale here this week for S$169.90.

Launched by former Apple and PepsiCo chief executive John Sculley here on Tuesday, it is different from the typical tracker through its unique pebble shape, which can be worn with a clasp, a sport band watch strap or necklace.

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CommunicAsia 2013: Thuraya’s SatSleeve turns your iPhone into a satellite phone

21 Jun
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Thuraya SatSleeve

Living in one of the most connected cities on Earth, we sometimes forget that there are still large swathes of land and sea not served by terrestrial mobile network coverage. Journalists in war zones, relief workers in remote areas, and sailors out at sea for months, just to name a few, have to rely on specialised satellite equipment to get connected, which can be rather expensive.

But with Thuraya’s new SatSleeve — unveiled at the CommunicAsia trade show in Singapore this week — a simple iPhone can be transformed almost instantly into a satellite phone.

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Smartphone malware is real – here are some tips to keep clear

21 Apr
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Sometimes, fear-mongering can have the opposite effect – it makes you feel that you are safe because the people crying wolf seem to have raised the alarm once too often. Then, one day, the wolf really turns up.

Last week, I found a strange thing happening on my wife’s two-week-old Samsung Galaxy Note. There was a notification message that kept popping up sporadically, asking her to join a contest to win an iPad.

It seemed suspicious, but these days, with the endless spam SMSes from property agents in Singapore, you’d think it’s just another piece of spam and to just click on the notification to delete it. Instead, doing so brought me to the browser, which had its homepage changed to a strange-looking search engine.

I sat up immediately. I realised later, from searching up the Internet, that my wife’s phone had been infected by ad-ware, which had probably been hidden in some of the games she downloaded a few days ago.

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Okamoto’s TipOff iPhone app aims to get Singaporeans fired up about naughty sex

4 Jan
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Singaporeans have a reputation for being a staid, boring lot, especially when it comes to sex.

So what is a condom maker like Okamoto to do?

Create a social media campaign around being naughty in Singapore. Watch:

The tongue-in-cheek campaign, which was just launched last month, sources for ideas from the public to create products that help Singaporeans have fun naughty sex more often.

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Samsung brings the fight to Apple

13 Dec
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The knives are out.

Since Steve Job’s untimely death, Samsung has been ramping up the assault on Apple, having launched a series of funny ads attacking the iPhone 4S.

Take a look at this ad which was just released a few days ago:

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Hundreds in Singapore queue up for new iPhone 4S

29 Oct

Higher launch prices notwithstanding, hundreds of iPhone fans queued up late Thursday night to be among the first people in Singapore to own Apple’s latest gizmo – the iPhone 4S.

Although the launch time stated by all telcos was Friday 12 midnight, some began queuing as early as 8.30am on Thursday to ensure that they get a place in the queue.

Take Melva Yip, a 21-year-old student at Nanyang Polytechnic. He and his friend agreed to work in shifts and started their quest from 8.30am on Thursday. His reward: the first M1 customer to own an iPhone 4S.

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SingTel, M1, release iPhone 4S plans and prices

26 Oct
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The iPhone 4S might have disappointed many fans, and validated others of their move to Android, but it’s still a highly awaited smartphone to many people.

As the local launch dates draws near, both SingTel and M1 have already unveiled their plans and pricing for the new iPhone.

StarHub, on the other hand, is keeping mum over its plans for the device, and already some fans are speculating whether the green telco has failed to secure an agreement with Apple in time for the launch.

But let’s work with the numbers we already have. Based on the cheapest plan from both SingTel and M1, the new iPhone will cost you anywhere from $498 to $798.

M1 offers a lower monthly subscription and lower iPhone prices (with the exception of the 16GB version), but bundles 50 less SMS than SingTel.

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Four ways Steve Jobs changed our computing lifestyles

6 Oct
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As tributes pour in for one of the information world’s acknowledged geniuses, we thought it would only be right that we too remembered Steve Jobs for the way he changed computing for so many people.

His death this morning (Singapore time), when he was just 56, marked more than 20 years of endeavour to bring computing to the masses in a fun, accessible and imaginative way.

Not all his decisions and products went well with users, and not everything he touched turned to gold, but there is no doubt the former Apple CEO and founder of a company that created the iMac, iPhone and iPad had a profound influence in the way everyone used their digital gadgets today.

Here are four ways Steve has changed our computing lifestyles.

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Goondu review: travel apps we love

2 Oct
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Singaporeans are a cellphone-crazy lot. Even while on vacation, most will remain tethered to their smartphones, checking in from obscure locations to earn bragging rights and lapping up tips left behind by others. In this week’s app round-up, we review our favourite travel apps that will let you tap into all kind of information on the road.

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Apple Store to open on 24 Sep in Hong Kong

21 Sep
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Apple Store Hong Kong opening on 24 Sep

Hong Kong’s getting the real deal this weekend, and it comes in the form of huge Apple Store right smack in Central. And the curtains have literally come off. MIC Gadget has the scoop on that and has photos of … people taking photos of the store. Plus photos of the store.

At 20,000 sq feet spread across two floors, in one of the most expensive malls in Hong Kong – it sure sounds like a lot of money until you think about the US$7 billion in profits that the company raked in in a quarter.

Anyway, what CAN the average Apple fanboy/girl do at an Apple Store.

He/She could of course buy and learn how to use an Apple product. Get tech support from the beer-less Genius Bar. Sit in their many workshops to learn how to use their apps. And of course chat up fellow Apple fanboys/girls – where else would they rather be?

Oh but wait, can this be? Apple has JOBS in Hong Kong! No, not Steve himself, but salary-paying jobs. I can already hear the Magic Mice clicks and the frantic Magic Trackpad taps. They still have positions open – which leaves me wondering … have they already sucked up all the Geniuses in this Special Administrative Region?

Jobs at the Apple Store. No. Not Steve himself.

No promises, but Techgoondu’s Hong Kong correspondent might just brave the Applemania this weekend to bring you some snaps of the madness.


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