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    Goondu review: HTC One (M8)
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Goondu Review: Nokia Lumia 1520

3 Jan


The Lumia 1520 is a phone that Nokia and Microsoft Windows Phone fans will look forward to, if only because it finally matches up to the best of its rivals with its large 6-inch screen, after the recent camera-centric Lumia 1020.

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Nokia pushes out Lumia 2520 tablet, 6-inch Lumia 1520 and 1320 phablets

23 Oct
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After months of merely updating its Lumia designs, Nokia finally came up with a much-expected Windows RT tablet, as well as two 6-inch phablets that look to take the game to rivals such as Samsung.

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Goondu Review: a photographer’s take on the Nokia Lumia 1020

7 Oct
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As the smartphone wars hot up once again this holiday season, Nokia has smartly concentrated on an increasingly important selling point for its new Lumia 1020 – a standout 41-megapixel camera.

It’s something that the Finnish company had set itself apart with in the past. It’s also most logical now, given its challenge to overturn the advantage Android and iOS devices have.

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Nokia Lumia 1020 costs S$999 in Singapore, bets on camera prowess

27 Sep
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_DSF8164 (Large)

From HTC’s One X last year to Samsung’s more recent Galaxy S4 zoom, the battle for supremacy in smartphones now seems centred on the ability to snap increasingly better pictures.

Out in Singapore on October 5, Nokia’s much-touted Lumia 1020 is the latest of such camera-centric phones to promise great photos and a friendly interface. Indeed, the company has upped the ante by providing a very able camera to go with the Windows operating system.

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Ten classic Nokia phones that fired up the imagination

4 Sep

For many cellphone users, news of Nokia’s sale to Microsoft for a rather paltry US$7.2 billion must have come not so much as a shock but a sad, inevitable ending for the once-great Finnish phone maker.

Long synonymous with the modern cellphone, it had been worth US$200 billion at its peak, over a decade ago.

Yet, Nokia has surely come up with phones that greeted many eager hands, or drawn scowls of disbelief over the years. Here are 10 classics that come to mind easily.

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Goondu review: Nokia Lumia 925

10 Aug
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Nokia Lumia 925

When the Lumia 925 was first unveiled, it seemed that Nokia has finally heard my pansy complaints that the Lumia 920 could do with some weight-loss training.

At 8.5mm thick and 139g heavy, the Lumia 925 is indeed thinner and much lighter. However, I wasn’t immediately attracted to the way it looks compared to the striking polycarbonate uni-bodies of previous Lumias.

So how did the smartphone hold up after two weeks of use? Let’s find out.

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Can Nokia’s Lumia 1020 open up a new market with 41-megapixel lens?

12 Jul
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While rivals have been busy coming up with larger screens and processors with more cores, Nokia yesterday brought out a Windows Phone that was packed with its much-lauded 41-megapixel camera sensor.

The new Lumia 1020 looks pretty much like other Lumia phones on one side, except that it has on its back a PureView camera that first appeared in the Nokia 808 a year ago (see our hands-on test).

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Nokia Lumia 925 goes metallic, still has great camera

15 May
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It’s got a metallic case, it’s slimmed down drastically and it has the great camera as before. Say hello to Nokia’s new Lumia 925, which was unveiled hours ago as the follow-up to the flagship Lumia 920.

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Goondu review: Nokia Lumia 920

21 Dec
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Nokia Lumia 920

The Lumia 800 and 900 were important devices for the Windows Phone platform, but both are overshadowed in significance by the biggest slab of Microsoft-flavoured polycarbonate to come out of Nokia: the Lumia 920.

Nokia has a lot riding on the Lumia 920, and initial reception to the phone seems to be good. This flagship smartphone is a comeback phone like no other, but can it be Nokia’s saviour?

(Note: this is mostly a review of the Lumia 920′s hardware. For the Goondu take on Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system, click here.)

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Hands-on: Windows Phone 8 launch devices from Nokia, HTC, Samsung

2 Nov

Windows Phone 8 is finally official. Microsoft’s new mobile OS is packed with so many new features and other refinements that Windows Phone 7 is beginning to seem like a worldwide beta test before the real product arrives.

Before we get our full reviews in, here’s a whirlwind tour of the new Windows Phone 8’s line-up.

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