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    Hands On: HTC One (M8)
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Hands On: HTC One (M8)

25 Mar
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HTC One (M8) Images

Unveiled in New York just minutes ago, HTC’s newest flagship phone – the new One – is the much-anticipated follow-up to last year’s similarly-named Android gadget from the Taiwanese phone maker.

In keeping with the familiar, it hopes to retain fans of that stunning phone (see our review of 2013′s HTC One), while improving several areas to enhance user experience.

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Goondu review: HTC One Max

5 Nov
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The One Max, HTC’s first phablet, is like the great girl in class you never noticed all along. Filled with great qualities once you discover them, but often overlooked because of a first impression that doesn’t set your world on fire.

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Hands on: HTC One mini will find competition tough

29 Sep
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As its name implies, the HTC One mini is the smaller sibling to the quite stunning-looking HTC One launched earlier this year.

It’s got some of the good stuff of the bigger brother, such as a great UltraPixel camera, but there are also a number of cost-cutting trade-offs involved when you opt for the HTC One mini.

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Goondu review: HTC Butterfly S is the phone to buy

13 Jul


HTC’s new Butterfly S is one of those gadgets that make you want to own it the moment you set your eyes on it. As first impressions go, the smooth, high-gloss finish on the back and hints of colour on the full-screen panel in the front are enough to turn heads.

In its latest top-end phone, the Taiwanese phone maker has also added some of the nice touches seen on its earlier One phone. Indeed, it has improved on things. The power button and rocker switch, for example, are not as stiff and can be pressed much more easily. 

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Pretty HTC Butterfly S flies in to Singapore in end-July for S$988

8 Jul

HTC Butterfly S

Folks who still had doubts about HTC’s well-made One phone earlier this year have yet another pretty number to consider this month, when the Butterfly S flies into town.

With all the goodies of a high-end phone packed in, the phone has one thing that the HTC One doesn’t – a large 5-inch Full HD screen compared to the previous 4.7-incher. This puts it in the same league as Samsung’s Galaxy S4, the crazy popular Android phone that millions of users have snapped up.

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HTC Butterfly flutters into Singapore on January 26 for S$928

23 Jan
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HTC Butterfly

We’re still waiting for Sony to announce a definitive launch date and price for its newest flagship smartphone Xperia Z, and HTC is leaping into the gap with information about its own next-generation smartphone — the Butterfly.

Available on January 26 for S$928, the Butterfly sports many familiar specs.

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Goondu review: Windows Phone 8X by HTC

8 Jan
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Windows Phone 8X by HTC

I’ve already had two previous encounters with the Windows Phone 8X by HTC, including a comprehensive hands-on test before it was even launched, so I thought there’s hardly any more I can squeeze out of the phone.

Unexpectedly, HTC’s flagship Windows Phone did turn out to have some more surprises in store after some extended use, though not all of them pleasant.

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Competitively-priced HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S in Singapore from this month

2 Nov
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Two of the sharpest-looking Windows Phone devices, from Taiwan’s HTC, will go on sale in Singapore in the coming weeks, at prices aimed at attracting users who are still undecided on an Android or Apple phone.

The HTC Windows Phone 8X, one of the best from the new Windows Phone 8 lineup, will cost S$828 when it ships this month, while a cheaper model with a smaller screen, the Windows Phone 8S, will go for S$418 in December.

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Hands-on: Windows Phone 8 launch devices from Nokia, HTC, Samsung

2 Nov

Windows Phone 8 is finally official. Microsoft’s new mobile OS is packed with so many new features and other refinements that Windows Phone 7 is beginning to seem like a worldwide beta test before the real product arrives.

Before we get our full reviews in, here’s a whirlwind tour of the new Windows Phone 8’s line-up.

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Hands-on: Windows Phone 8X and 8S by HTC

20 Sep

Nokia stole most of the Windows Phone 8 limelight with its new Lumia 920 flagship, but other device manufacturers are also starting to take the platform more seriously. Just look at the gorgeous phone above.

That’s the Windows Phone 8X by HTC, a mouthful of words that is supposed to convey Microsoft’s heavy involvement in the development of the smartphone. It’s kind of like a Google Nexus device, in a sense.

Although just unveiled in New York, I got some hands-on time at HTC’s Singapore office yesterday, and came away impressed on more than a few counts.

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